Observer Research Foundation Mumbai

Ideas and Action for a Better India


Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is a leading non-partisan Indian Think Tank that seeks to influence public policy formulation. It was established in New Delhi in 1990 by the late R.K. Mishra, a widely respected public figure, who envisaged it as a broad-based intellectual platform pulsating with ideas needed for India’s nation-building.

In its journey of twenty years, ORF has brought together leading Indian policymakers, academics, public figures, social activists and business leaders to discuss various issues of national importance. ORF scholars have made significant contributions toward improving government policies. ORF has so far produced a large body of critically acclaimed publications.

Until recently, ORF’s activities were based mainly in New Delhi. Beginning in 2010, ORF Mumbai has been established to pursue the Foundation’s vision in India’s business and financial capital. It has started research and advocacy in six broad areas: Education, Public Health, Inclusive Development, Urban Renewal, Youth Development, and Protection and Promotion of India’s Priceless Artistic and Cultural Heritage.

ORF Mumbai’s mission statement is : Ideas and Action for a Better India. It will champion the cause of balanced socio-economic development and a better quality of life for all Indians. It will also work towards strengthening India’s democratic institutions to become more responsible, responsive and sensitive to common people’s needs and concerns, especially those of the most vulnerable sections of society.


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  1. Alka Pandya

    Dear Sudheendrajee, Pranams.. this is Alka .. i would like to register my email ID for furthur programmes.. thank you so much… Alka Pandya..

  2. Pushpa J Vijula

    I compliment Sudheendra Kulkarni, ably supported by Mr Darjee,Dr Leena Wadia, and all his lovely smiling staff,including the wonderful hospitality each and every one of the visitors @ ORF have enjoyed. The sharing of ideas, speakers,and open and unbiased Q & A,open and spontaneous. This is indeed a wonderful platform and one of it’s kind. I think this HAS got to do with the special touch of Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni. Keep it up and let’s meet more frequently. Pushpa J Vijula

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