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State of Oshiwara Station

Last few days have seen vigorous discussion on the issue of accidental deaths which occur everyday on the Mumbai Suburban Railway System. The falling from train and eventual death of a young passenger in Dombivali was captured on video and went viral on social media.

I have been co-opted into the Railways Committee (WR) formed to look into what needs to be done to reduce and eventually stop the accidental deaths.

One of the reasons for many of he accidental deaths remains the presence of level crossings. Two such on the Western Corridor are prominent. I visited one of these last week and the pictures are presented below. This is the one at Oshiwara Station.

Oshiwara Station has been discussed for a decade now and has been under construction now for six years. As of the end of 2015 also the station is not operational and the extension of the harbour line till Goregaon is held up.

Condition of the Oshiwara Station


Level Crossing at Oshiwara station



Condition of the Oshiwara Road Over Bridge (ROB)

Once this bridge is operational the level crossing will be closed.

Railways and MCGM should expedite the work and work towards operationalising the station before monsoon 2016.


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