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Well designed and aesthetic government buildings

By Rishi Aggarwal

The pictures below speak for themselves. These photos have been taken today from the sky walk in Borivali (W) on a round with Hindustan Times as part of the Unclog Mumbai series.

This is the state of the most important municipal office in this part of Mumbai. The drab uninspiring building with ugly architecture and colours is the ward office of R (North). This is the sight which thousands of citizens see everyday as they pass by.

Iconic buildings invite attention and everybody makes it a point to know about them, speak about them, know the work which happens within them. People can even choose to value the organisations and the work they do depending upon how buildings present themselves.

And quite the opposite when we have buildings like the one above. Just what is the message that goes out to citizens? That Swacch Bharat is all bunkum? What is the point of the MCGM inviting citizens for voluntary cleanup drives once a week if they cannot clean they own office?

Can we as part of Make in India, make government buildings which are beautiful to look at, incorporate the highest standards of building and sustainability codes and provide health, cheer and an inspiring state of mind to those who work in them and use them?

A city like Mumbai with abundant wealth and architecture and design talent deserves better public buildings. The corporation needs to undertake a revamp on a war footing inviting new and established architecture talent to redesign its buildings.


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