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Interim success – day time restrictions removed on select public parks

The ORF Mumbai report “Maximising Mumbai’s Parks – Removing time restrictions” has achieved the outcome it aimed for. From 1st November 2015 a large number of gardens have removed day time restrictions and are now open from morning to evening. MCGM has on a trial basis initiated the process in some gardens and based on feedback more gardens will be opened.

The report argued that the current practice of keeping public gardens closed during the day time for 4-6 hours was incorrect and that it robbed certain citizens from access to gardens who would not be able to visit a garden at other times. The report suggested that the municipal corporation do away altogether with any day time restrictions.


A copy of the report can be read here.

The report – co-authored by Rishi Aggarwal and Karishma Makeshwar – was released on 23rd July, 2015 and saw considerable interest from the public as well as media.

Mumbai Mirror – 22nd July 2015
Times of India – 12th October 2015

DNA – 16th November, 2015

The report was released at the hands of Mr. SVR Srinivas, Additional Municipal Commissioner (Gardens) of the MCGM and he had taken a keen interest in the issue agreeing with the premise of the report.

The intended outcome has come in a matter of three months. In the first phase a limited number of gardens and parks will be open and subsequently more will follow. At a time when urban challenges are identified with big challenges which seem insurmountable this development represents a quick win and presents an opportunity to identify many such small changes which are waiting to be acted upon and can bring an immediate improvement in peoples lives.

Below are the pictures of one of the gardens in A Ward at the time of the transition happening.

We would love to know more from you about your views, what your feel about the issue and your own experiences with open spaces in Mumbai.


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