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Social Impact or Public Relations! by Devashree Sharma

The Times of India is one of the most widely read newspapers in the world. What would a typical front page headline read on a paper so extensively read through the length and breadth of the nation? One would expect hard hitting news influencing or affecting the country at large. Times of India thinks otherwise. The newspaper recently organised an award function called the Social Impact Awards that honoured real life heroes making a change. While the event was for a good cause and honoured and acknowledged the work of many unsung heroes, did it deserve half page coverage on the front page for two consecutive days? Both the articles were packed with extravagantly flattering adjectives and clichés to describe the event. “It was just the first of many lump-in-throat, goosebump moments in a poignant evening.” Very unbecoming of a paper as big as the TOI! While we talk about catching up with international standards should not our media evolve and use precious media space judiciously and objectively? Do award functions deserve more prominence than the Telangana movement, China’s intrusion in Arunachal Pradesh… — other headlines on the same day?


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This entry was posted on 06/09/2011 by in Devashree Sharma, ORF Mumbai.
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