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The Tibetan Art of Concentration : A Talk by Yaron Barzilay

Yaron Barzilay

On 27 November, 2010, the Centre for the Study of Indian Knowledge Traditions at ORF Mumbai had the pleasure of inviting Mr. Yaron Barzilay for a lecture on ‘The Tibetan Art of Concentration’.
Mr. Barzilay is the director of New Acropolis India, a nonprofit cultural association founded with the purpose of promoting the study of classical philosophy as a means to integrate Science, Arts, Ethics and Metaphysics to achieve global human development.
To render justice to Mr. Barzilay’s exceptional lecture is a difficult task. Personally, after an overdosed week of noises and distractions, Mr. Barzilay’s lecture brought ninety minutes of harmonious and meaningful sounds. His spontaneity, enthusiasm and sense of humor combined with a deep understanding of his subject made his lecture most thought-provoking, enjoyable and memorable.
Through his lecture, Mr. Barzilay guided us on a journey taken by a monk, an elephant and a monkey on a mountain trek. This symbolic journey illustrates the Tibetan Art of Concentration: A means to reach Enlightenment, the unity with the Whole.
Smt. Chandrika presided over the function. She is a writer and an eloquent speaker on spiritual and cultural subjects. Her warmth, wit and scholarship brought a special light to this event…(more)


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