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ORF Talk – ‘Gandhiji’s guru: An insight into Srimad Rajchandraji, the Jain saint’

Times Foundation and Observer Research Foundation Mumbai

cordially invite you to a talk by



‘Gandhiji’s guru: An insight into Srimad Rajchandraji, the Jain saint’

on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti


Date: Friday, 1st October 2010

Time: 5:30 pm onwards (talk to begin at 6 pm sharp)

Venue: Observer Research Foundation, NKM International House, 5th Floor, 178, Backbay Reclamation, Babubhai Chinai Marg, Mumbai, 400 020

Contact: Varsha Raj

Telephone: (022) 6131 3800


About the talk

The talk will focus on the life and vision of the Jain saint who was the Mahatma’s mentor – Srimad Rajchandraji. The initial portion of the talk will deal with the qualities of character that distinguished the man, the spirituality that underlined his every activity, his detachment as a householder, the integrity he brought to his business practises, and the vision that guided his path. There will also be a discussion on the impact Srimadji’s philosophy had on Gandhiji, how it shaped his ideas of non-violence and tolerance, and the need for Srimadji’s inclusiveness in modern times. Finally, the talk will focus on Srimadji’s seminal work, Atma Siddhi, an understanding of the soul’s journey through this material world. It will underline the need for spirituality in a conflict ridden planet and how, like Gandhiji once did, it can be used as a tool to combat the injustices that plague society. In commemoration of Gandhiji’s birth anniversary, this is a humble tribute to the man who contributed so seminally in making him the mahatma.

About the speaker

Chandrika has a background in literature and psychology, and has been a teacher for three decades. She has been conducting workshops for children and parents, through her erstwhile organisation, and self-titled publication, Nurture. She is the translator of Srimad Rajchandraji’s book ‘Atma Siddhi – In Search of the Soul’, published in 2006 by Vakils, Feffer and Simons Pvt. Ltd.. Her understanding of the spiritual essence that stimulates all of us has arisen from a love of mythology, as well as wisdom stories that are at the heart of all civilizations. Through them she has sought to explain texts such as Atma Siddhi as well as Bhaja Govindam (published in 2008). She is, at present, putting the finishing touches to a book on Lord Krishna. As a seeker, Chandrika is open to exploring any path that can lead to a peaceful and harmonious co-existence of traditions and cultures, beginning with the self, where stillness must first reside.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Tribute to Srimad Rajchandraji

“Srimad Rajchandraji has truly impacted my life. I have travelled across the nation in search of a genuinely spiritual soul and I can say, without doubt, that there was none quite like him. He had profound wisdom, a willing spirit of renunciation and a deep sense of devotion. He was untouched by even the slightest trace of hypocrisy, prejudice or discrimination.”

“Among Western philosophers I place Tolstoy in the highest category, closely followed by Ruskin. But in terms of spiritual experience, Srimadji was far ahead of them. If one could read his writings, in moments of leisure, one would experience a wonderfully wholesome influence.”


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